Graphing the Time Stamps

Remember here where I wrote about a python script that help me time stamp my activities. Now, I had an activity that I also wanted to graphically plot how much time I spent since I started on it. For this, I thought I make use of matplotlib and graph the progress graphically as a days-vs-(minutes spent/day) graph. I already had the csv file created by my time stamper and I wanted to use that data format to do this. But I wanted to have this more general, i.e. I wanted to just drag an drop any csv file created by the time stamping script and see the graph. To do this (I use windows!) I decided to allow window shell to drag and drop file into python scripts. This is done by adding to the windows registry as seen here:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Now I can drag and drop csv files created by the stamper into this script to see the progress graph. The result would then look like so



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