The Beginning of a Series of Math Blogs

I feel that I need to add more publicity to my mathematical works. Therefore, I have decided to add more mathematical discussion in my blogs. However, I will try to keep mathematical text in blogs to a minimum. I rather prefer a proper mathematical text in a pdf file than combinations of MathJaX, MathML etc. in a website. Though, I am quite aware that most people who browse would not really take the trouble to download or view a pdf file from the browser if they are not absolutely interested in the mathematical article. So what I will try to do in the future is to write a “preview” or abstract of what my paper or math article is about and maybe even write down the results in a blog and if people get interested they can freely download the full-fledged pdf article. Mathematical discussions in comments is naturally unavoidable, but for these I often just express my math by ascii.. Though sometimes, writing proper math equations and symbols becomes irresistible. And thus I installed the Simple MathJax plugin to help me write short descriptions of my mathematical work in a blog.

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